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Last night was an interesting night.

Finally serious to start doing achievements and such on the hunter to get cool “shiny things” I decided Noblegarden was the first World Event I would work to earn the title for. Now I am irritated that I have been half-assing my way through the last several World Events, as I have to wait a full year to get the Drake reward for getting all the titles. Argh. Ok, so I talk to the wifey and knowing she is an Undead Female, I figured we could have some fun knocking our bunnies boots together to procreate in each of the four areas. Unfortunately, she did not know she could buy the bunny if it didn’t drop so she ate 100 chocolates to get the Chocoholic Achievement before she bought it (my bunneh dropped on my 15th or 20th egg). I therefore hopped with my wife from city to city whoring myself (ever seen a male orc in a dress?) and my bunny out as we gathered more eggs than I could ever count. My wife finally looted her bunny foot on the 98th egg. Talk about not being sure whether to be happy or not since everything else had dropped for her and she now has 100 eggs and nothing to spend them on.

We ran around and worked on all the achievements, planed roses, hard boiled some eggs, sprinkled flowers on all sorts of females. As we were doing this, the plan was to finish all the stuff in the old world and then go to Dalaran and sprinkle flowers on the last few females we needed. I even had an Awesome Mage buddy ready to port my level 60 wife to Dal since she has never been there. Spankmeplz (my wife) was a female gnome and dwarf away from her first title. She meets my buddy in Ogrimar while I go forward to Dal to do some recon. I find a very polite dwarf and gnome dancing on the Bank steps and clicking buffs off themselves so people could chain sprung them. I get all excited, I can fell the title coming, five minute Cool Down is nothing. I tell Spank to hurry up and get to me before these two log.

Then an issue arises…

“Umm, honey”

“Yes Dear?”

“I don’t have WotLK installed.”

“OMG, I completely forgot we haven’t upgraded your account yet.”

“Is there no way to get to Dalaran?”

“Upgrade your account.”

“Don’t be a smart-ass, any other way?”

“You can go to Hillsbrad Foothills and see where Dalaran used to be.”

“…(eyebrow raised)…”

/sheep “No baby, you can’t.”

My wife, so close to getting her first title, couldn’t get it. She is upgrading the account today, she will get it tonight, but she was a little sad, and gave me the pouty lip several times. Don’t tell her, but I think the pouty lip is a little cute.

Epic Fail

Epic Fail

In further news. I finally got to the timed boss in CoS. Turns out, it was a tank problem. This time we used an experienced tank and blew through it. Getting to the boss with about 6 minutes left and smoking the boss in 51 seconds (thanks DBM). Group makeup consisted of:

  • Pally Tank
  • BM Hunter
  • MM Hunter (me)
  • Mage
  • Priest Healz

We are all well geared (most gear from Maly and/or Naxx) and we AoE the crap out of all the mobs. This was a guild run with one “PUG” from a sister guild. She (BM Hunter) has ran with me since my first guild and is a friend, so when she won the drake, I almost didn’t /cry. She was the only one I was rolling against too. My epic 8 couldn’t beat her 41. Oh well, If I can get the same group tonight, it is mine for sure, since nobody else needs it. I swear I am the last one on our server to have it.

Until Next time…


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  1. lol, of course the mage is he magic ingredient, you would have no reason to be biased.

    My wife was late to the game, and we were not sure if she would make it even to the Outlands without getting bored. We barely bought BC (I think when she hit 55), and just never got around to WotlK. Though the next expansion will have us both in line, as she is loving it. Though I think she will never be a hardcore raider, she loves all the exploring and running around and stuff she gets to do.

    Comment by smart001 | April 28, 2009

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