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Busy in RL…Toons stagnated…except hunter

I was busy this weekend. Not much happened in the World of Warcraft for me. I missed the raids we traditionally do on Friday and Saturday night, as I had some RL obligations to attend, and Sunday there was a sparse showing of people in the Guild. No worries though, a couple cool things happened. Though the progression on all my toons besides my hunter has been stagnated.

Finally ground the last bit o’ rep for the Cenarion Circle. That place was a mess. Easily the toughest grind I have done to date. I actually ended up doing what I said I would not do, and bought about 100 twilight texts off the Auction House. I hate to do it, but I was tired of questing and grinding in Silithus. That being said, I am now finally Guardian of Cenarius.

Sunday morning brought Noblegarden. I have fiddled around a little bit and gotten a few eggs, my wife, however, read this post and has proceeded to get almost all the achievements. Now I am going to have to spend time tonight working on that so I can get my next title. “the Noble”.

I tried again once this weekend to get the Bronze Drake, to no avail. I have not even encountered the boss yet. We keep missing time by mere seconds. On Sunday, nobody wanted to go and trying to pug a tank is a bitch, so, well, I still have no drake. I will get it though.

Don’t worry, I have not forgotten about my cool idea I am going to write about. Just haven’t quite finished up the thinking, outlining process.

Happy Hunting.


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  1. I am flattered. I think you are my first “everyday reader”. Besides myself of course. I am posting an update on the whole CoS saga. I will go over makeup there. It will be in this evening’s post.

    I don’t mind the comment spam. As long as it is from a reader and not a bot…you are not a bot are you?

    Comment by smart001 | April 28, 2009

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