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Horde Hunter Speaks Out

SFCNez is a beast master at heart. He loves it when Xikar does 45-50% of his damage. He loves the challenge of keeping his pet alive during Heigan the Unclean, or Sartherion’s Flame Walls. He loves his tanking pet, pulling aggro on everything and, and he loves the extra four points he gets to make his pet even more powerful and more bad ass, most importantly, he loves Bestial Wrath and The Beast Within. Why then would this elusive, quietly professional, experienced killer, change his spec to Marksman? This question and others answered in the following interview.

Nez = Author

NEZ: Thanks for taking the time to sit with us and answer a few questions. You have always been a personal hero of mine, and there are some things I would really like to know. I know our reader(s?) are curious as well.


NEZ: …ok

SFC: Wait you interrupted me, I was going to say FOR THE HORDE! then articulate a few things, but, since I am an Orc, I am required to answer any question with FOR THE HORDE!. Thrall gets really irritated if he reads interviews and someone forgot to yell FOR THE HORDE. Wait don’t write that. I don’t want Thrall to know I said he gets irritated about that. But I mean come on, why else do you think everyone yells that all the time.

NEZ: First, please stop yelling for the Horde. My Elfen ears are extremely sensitive, and you have an obnoxiously lout orcish voice.

SFC: sorry

NEZ: It’s ok. OK let’s get this party started. How long have you been a Beast Master?

SFC: FOR the…sorry, ahem. I have /played BM for about 40 days. There was a brief period during the great hunter nerf of 3.0.8 that I experimented with Marksman, then with Survivalist. I missed being BM too much so when 3.0.9 “fixed” BM, I went back, even though I was still not doing the kind of damage an equally skilled/geared Survivalist was putting out.

NEZ: So what does your Spec look like now?

SFC: well, I have 7 points in BM, 7 in Survival, and the rest in Marksman. My goal is to put the most damage out I possibly can, without being Survival. I really did not enjoy that spec.


SFC Current Spec

NEZ: And how is Marksman working for you?

SFC: I’ll tell you, so far, I am killing things much faster as I grind reputation with the Cenarion Circle, but the mobs are generally 20 ish levels below me. I did do a H COS run last night in an attempt to get the Bronze drake (which we failed at), and I was pretty pleased. Even though I have not spent enough time at the targeting dummies to really get my shot rotation down.

NEZ: What about glyphs?

SFC: I have them.

NEZ: What glyphs do you have?

SFC: See the screen shot I conveniently uploaded for you.

test test

Current Glyphs

I am going to replace the Glyph of Immolation with the Glyph of Aimed shot, I have the glyph just havent done it yet.

NEZ: You mentioned grinding rep with the Cenarion Circle. What is that all about?

SFC: I have recently been on a quest to get as many achievements as I possibly can. There is no reason for it, other than, they are fun. Plus I worked so hard to hit 70, then shortly thereafter hit 80, that I missed a lot of content. Going into Silithus to work on rep was the first time I had ever been there. So I am getting to go back and see some cool end game content.

NEZ: Well I see we are out of time, thanks for coming.

SFC: No problem, I will come back anytime you want me.

NEZ: Any parting words.


NEZ: Go ahead.



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