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Ulduar and the Cenarion Circle

What do they have in common? Nothing. It is my blog though and I will title posts the way I want.

Ok, so, I promised some screen shots, and some recollection of the raiding I did this weekend. So far this morning I have not been overly busy at work so I will write some stuff.

First off though, the achievement I earned last night…

Wait, I Love you!

Wait, I Love you!

That’s right, “To all the Squirrels I’ve Loved Before”. This one has been a long time coming. My wife gives ma a hard time every time I /love a critter, but I don’t care. I had two stops to make, Un’Goro Crater for the parrot, and (the real tough one) Barrens for the gazelle. The parrot took abotu 10 seconds, the gazelle about 15 minutes, I think there is one herd that roams the barrens, and I had to find them.

Next is the follow on, “To all the Squirrels who shared my life.” I only have one of those ones done.

I also started the grind to Exalted with Cenarion Circle. I was already honored, so this shouldn’t take too long, I am doing all the quests I left behind when I was younger so I could hit the outlands. I figured I might as well work on Loremaster title while I was at it. I may be able to hit exalted tonight, but I am not sure, I am more than halfway through honored now.

Ok, as promised, my impressions of the limited Ulduar experience I got this weekend.

First, a couple observations.

  1. It is huge. In order to get around in this instance you pretty much need to have a mount. That fact alone makes this awesome.
  2. The bosses I have fought are not tank-n-spank. There is going to be a lot of strategery going on in order to first down the bosses, then get good at downing the bosses.
  3. The mounted event leading up to, and during, the first boss is incredible. It is not overly hard, but it is a lot of fun.
I drove the Demolisher!

I drove the Demolisher!

I drove the Demolisher. You can see the Siege engines (tanks) in front of me and there are two guildies on choppers running in various places. My demolisher held on DPS that you can shoot onto the boss later on. The little dudes that you can barely see in the screen shot had mostly been killed out of this area, they are all over the place and easy to kill…also kind of fun to kill.

The main technique we learned on the first boss is, shoot DPS from the demolisher onto the boss to kill the turrets, this stuns the boss for several seconds. At that point shoot all your special ammo (#2, I don’t remember what it is called off the top of my head), as fast as you can. Meanwhile the choppers are picking up the DPS and bringing him back to the demolisher that threw him. Also, when the DPS is loaded in the firing cannon, guns do not work. Also, and most importantly, when the boss targets you, turn around and run away.

After two shotting the first boss we went and tackled the XT-002 Deconstructor. Besides his/her annoying voice, this boss is a PITA.

One Sexy MOFO, with an annoying voice!

One Sexy MOFO, with an annoying voice!

We tried about four times to kill this boss. Basically, the trick is figuring out how to get rid of the adds while maintaining enough DPS on the heart during what I like to call “The Heart Drop Phase.” My guild still has not cracked that one yet, but we will.

Finally, we wanted to give Razorfish (scale, whatever) a shot to see what the fight was like. We tried once, failed, but got some good strategy to try this weekend (we had peeps needing to leave so we called the raid for the night). This Boss is very interactive, as the only way to engage the boss is to shoot harpoons at him/her after they have been repaired by the NPCs. Two harpoons bring the dragon down, but there are four there. Probably has something to do with timing when the adds are gone and maximizing DPS on boss. I am confident this baby will drop this weekend.

See how leet I am?

See how leet I am?

Look at all his Majesty!

Look at all his Majesty!

Additionally, this weekend I raided with no success to report in any of them (this was a bad raiding weekend for me):
Malygos – 10, couldn’t even get past the first phase (PUG).
Malygos – 25, made it to third phase, but took too long on phase two so enrage timer procced and we failed.
Naxx – 10, I pugged into a run that only had KT left and we could not kill him, by this time it was Sunday and too late to keep going.
Naxx – 25, Downed two quarters, arach and plague. This PUG was not great, the players were decently skilled, but we ran into Ninja’s a DPS Dk that put out 400 dps on Anub, and various other issues. We finally called it when we got tired of the drama.
OS+1 – 25, Not as easy as I thought it would be. Mostly, this was a guild run, but there were enough PUGs that we kept failing. after about three tries, we decided to kill the drake and take down Sarth. That was simplicity.

That is about it. I have been doing a lot of achievement grinding too keep myself busy, and enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.

Thanks for being patient with this post, I know I ramble sometimes.


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  1. Argh, since you asked I will write a guide for CC rep. Expect it in a couple days. I will just articulate the strategy I used. I am sure there are many ways to do it.

    I don’t know what the DK was doing. He was stoopid though.

    Comment by smart001 | April 28, 2009

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