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Site Issues

I rarely, if ever use Internet Explorer. The 800 pound Gorilla just does too many things wrong for me to use it. That being said, it has recently come to my attention, this page is not rendering correctly in IE. My apologies for that. It is still legible, but the layout lovingly created by Andreas Viklund, is incorrectly rendered with some of the 2d container coming below the post.

I will do what I can on this end to get it fixed, but as anyone who uses knows, we are not allowed to edit any of the theme code.

I guess that is what I get for assuming it would work across browsers.

For the record, if you are still using IE, do yourself a favor and download:



ok, I could have used the correct FireFox logo, but i decided to grab this one from here.

Back to regular scheduled programming later today.


April 21, 2009 - Posted by | Site issues | , , ,


  1. Ahh, G Chrome.

    I’m currently on SeaMonkey cause I find FF to be a huge resource hog, but I am gradually switching over to Chrome just as I did on my laptop. Having individual processes for tabs is a little clunky, but it doesn’t cause the whole browser to lock up over one tab like SeaMonkey or Firefox does =P

    Comment by velinath | April 22, 2009

  2. I have never used SeaMonkey, I heard it was a decent browser though.

    I use chrome, I like it. At work it is FF, I stay away from IE as much as possible. The problem is when companies decide to only tailor their sites to IE. Though I am finding that less and less.

    Comment by smart001 | April 22, 2009

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