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Lazy Dayzzz!

For some reason, I was not overly motivated to actually accomplish much last night. I did get online. I did get an achievement for participating in the Argent Tournament, that is correct, I am now an Argent Aspirant. I ran around and did a few fun little mounted combat quests. I did some charging around, some melee stuff (make sure you have defense stacked 3 times), and threw a couple axes. Once completed with all the initial quests, I went around and picked up several daily quests, killed some scourge, chopped down some trees and spent way too friggin long looking for the Dusty Journal. I never did find it, and then I had some stuff come up IRL so I could not complete it.

Tonight, I WILL work on reputation gains, my plan is to be “The Diplomat” by Sunday. It shouldn’t take that long.

As I was perusing various WoW sites last night and this morning, I stumbled upon Bo’s Site Vampiric Embrace, and This Article in particular. It made me realize that with all the new stuff out there (achievements, mounts, stuff…), I need to make one for myself. So in an attempt to plagiarize his work here is mine. Unfortunately, the first one is the same on his list and on mine (Sorry Bo, it has taken me way more than 4 times and I still don’t have the mount).

Without further ado the to-do list for sfcnez:

  1. Get The Baron’s Death Charger.
  2. Become exalted with Timbermaw, Maghar, and Sporregar to earn “The Diplomat”.
  3. Get Exalted with the Horde Cities (Need All of them).
  4. Kill Malygos.
  5. Get Champion of the Frozen Wastes Title, still need HCoS, Malygos, HDtK).
  6. Get 10 Mount Achievement (still need 4 – This one should be alleviated once I get Exalted with Horde Cities).

I am sure there are more, but those are the ones I will work on for the time being. As I was writing these I referenced Bo’s and there are a couple more in common than I thought.

Ok, I will leave you for now, pretty soon I will have armory links to my toons on the toon page. Srsly, like in 10 minutes.


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  1. lol, i got the idea from Bo at Vampiric Embrace. I am interested to see what yours will entail.

    Comment by smart001 | April 28, 2009

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