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Man, They Love me in that Tunnel


My Hunter grinded, grinded, grinded.

I saved 350 Headresses to turn in once I hit revered. I killed hundreds if not thousands of Deadwood Furblogs in order to get from Friendly to Revered.

SFCNez kiling Fublogs with Xikar

Finally it happened. After turning in all 350 beads, I was happily exalted. But That was not enough, I wanted the worthless (now) trinket that gave me a Timbermaw to summon to throw heals at me. Just another cool little toy to have and show off. I went and killed the demon necessary for the quest.

The first time I killed him, his loot box did not drop so I could not pick up the Essence. So I waited 10 minutes and summoned him again, this time, I took off my weapon, bow, and put my pet on passive so I would kill him slower, hoping that would cause him to drop the box. I pummeled him to death. He Died. I got the Essence, turned it in as fast as I could, and received my trinket. I am excited to pull him out before our next raid so I can make fun of the healers and tell them they weren’t doing their job (in jest of course, our healers are really good). All in all, easy, fun grind. I attempted to get a screenshot of the furblog, but he despawned before I could get the camera aligned correctly, so I took a screenshot anyway. You can imagine him there if you want. I will try again later, as the cooldown on the trinket is 10 minutes and it was too late to wait that long.

SFCNez on steps of dalaran bank with xikar

So I am now exalted with Timbermaw (and earned achievement “They Love Me In That Tunnel”), only Maghar and Sporregar to go. I will probably hit up Maghar tonight since I am already honored with them. I am neutral with Sporregar, so that is going to be a long, long grind. I will probably cheat and buy some glowcaps to turn in. Plus there is a cool little pet that I can purchase at exalted.


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  1. You’ve inspired me. Guess what the mage gets to do on off nights now?

    Comment by velinath | April 22, 2009

  2. I would guess on the mage’s off nights, would be spent playing a pally? or a druid? or a hunter? or a warlock? You have too many alts lol 🙂

    If you need sporeggar, let me know, I sent my DK a bunch of reps stuff for when I play her again. I don’t mind giving it to you, that should help you get started.

    As far as Mag’har and Timbermaw go, Sorry man, all the rep stuff is BoP, so I can’t help you there. Though one of my alts might want to tag along…

    Also, working on Cenarion Circle rep now. What a grind. Doing quests though too, I will write a post about it, and give more details.

    Comment by smart001 | April 22, 2009

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